You’ll notice that our containers are painted bright purple, and that’s no accident. Every one of our containers is painted that color to signify cancer survivor-ship and to remind us about our commitment to our community.

When we started this company, we knew there was more to do than simply provide the best and most transparent services (which we always aim to do). We knew we wanted the company to be based on bettering our community, thus Cans 4 Cancer was born.

Our Cans 4 Cancer program is based around three parts: Raise funds, raise awareness, and rotate.

  1. Raise Funds
    We donate $5 from every roll off dumpster rental to a local charity assisting the fight against cancer
  2. Raise Awareness
    We use our website, customer service and our containers themselves to help raise awareness about cancer research and the charitable organization we’re supporting
  3. Rotate
    We choose new local organizations to support each year so we can spread our support and help increase awarenes to different, but equally deserving, organizations in our community.

This Year’s Charity

cure cancer

CURE Childhood Cancer

We are committed to helping the families of children battling cancer in any way we can. So while they are fighting the toughest war of their lives, we will fight their lesser battles, so they don’t have to. We are not only here to support children with cancer; we are here to help ease the burden of the family and the caregivers who are fighting battles of their own. For every roll off dumpster rental, we donate $5 to the CURE Childhood Cancer organization.

January and February 2019 – $420
March and April 2019 – $795
May and June 2019 – $620
July and August 2019 – $405
September and October 2019 – $370
November and December 2019 – $270

Total for 2019 – $2,880

Feel like donating extra to help fight childhood cancer?